Complete Professional Services in Wood Science Expertise

Wood Scientist - Consulting - Testing - Expert Witness Services

Expert Witness Services since 1961

100's of potential cases investigated by examinations resulting in assessments, reports to counsel, cooperation with counsel to develop lists for production and interrogatories, sampling and testing protocols, supervising of scientists for testing, analysis of and presentation of resulting test data, deposition and trial testimony presented.

Qualified in the courts of 19 states and international experience in assessment and opinion presentation to counsel, barristers and solicitors.

Consultation in All Areas of Wood Science

Including woods, domestic and exotic, and wood products including those large and small from cigar tips to skis to wagon wheels to boards/timbers/beams/poles/posts for many, many applications such as ladders, decks, including oil well derricks and industrial cooling towers, stairways and railings to laminated beams for large structures and roof systems including trusses, metal plate connected, to bowstring and heavy timber trusses for very large structures.

Extensive experience with composite wood products, fiber board and oriented strand board, used as structural components and cladding, such as siding and sheathing, for structures large and small including the conduct of a substantial number of testing programs incorporating these materials. Knowledgeable specs and standards of AITC, ANSI, ASTM, NESC, AWPA, OSHA and State Standards, Codes and Regulations.

Also experienced with environmental and damage problems and other considerations dealing with wood preservative chemicals, molds, VOC's including formaldhyde off-gassing, deterioration of wood due to both microorganisms (fungi) and insects (termites/carpenter ants) as well as by fire, water, weather phenomena and vehicular collision as the causal factors.

Background of experience also includes cases filed for one-half BILLION dollars (high-end office furniture), thirty MILLIONS of over liability coverage, slivers from four (4") inches to fourteen (14") inches and a great variety of personal injuries, some to the extreme ending in fatalities.

Former Professor of Wood Science, Colorado State University

Author of a Best Selling Publication

Presenter of Numerous Papers to Utility company personnel, other technical and safety groups

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